Clannad ~After Story~ Ep. 4: With a Smile Like That Day’s

The anime adaptaion does some justice to the source material.  We all saw a blow up coming since the last episode, and it really hit hard in this one.  It was predictable, yes, but I’m glad to see it was done fairly well, though; it was quite a trip from beginning to end, and it’s the first time this season I’ve actually gotten sucked into watching an episode with a lot of interest.  We conclude Sunohara and Mei’s arc, so next week it’s off to Misae!


Sunohara is missing from class once again, and although Kyou, Ryou, and Kotomi all saw Tomoya’s rather odd behavior with Mei, they dismiss it as they see something bigger going on behind it all.  After school, Mei is adamant that returning to the soccer club is the only way to snack Sunohara back to his senses.  However, the soccer club doesn’t want anything to do with either Sunohara or his little sister.

Unhappy about the results, the group goes to Yukine Miyazawa, who has always listened to her friends’ problems.  As Mei explains what’s happened between her and her brother, Yukine can only smile; after all, she’s the same way with her brother.  However, Yukine has a happy ending to tell, as she and her brother have never been closer.

The next day, Sunohara returns to class, and Tomoya confronts his friend’s disappearance the past few days.  Sunohara has been busy going out with Sanae, and bluntly tells Tomoya to force Mei to go home as she’s being a pain in the neck to him.  Tomoya takes exception to this and starts arguing with Sunohara, but the two are broken up by the trio of Ryou, Kyou, and Kotomi before punches are thrown.  Mei is sorry the two got in a fight, but continues to try and talk to the soccer club.  In the end, Tomoya bows before the soccer club president, and they finally acquiesce to let the three (Tomoya, Mei, Nagisa) be ball fetchers.

At first the soccer team seems to go along with them; however, soon everybody’s kicking the ball out of bounds on purpose, and the three find themselves out of breath.  One of the soccer players sends a ball reeling into Mei, who stumbles to the ground, but returns to her feet moments later.  Finally, practice is complete, and the soccer president still refuses to listen to the group.  They begin making fun of Mei, who’s still believes her brother will come and save her when she’s in trouble.  Tomoya starts to make his move when Sunohara finally makes his appearance, and the two beat the soccer club members senseless.

In the rain, both Sunohara and Tomoya are heavily injured from their fight, but now stand to fight each other.  Tomoya is amazed that Sunohara never once thought of his sister, but Sunohara angrily responds that he’s always worried about Mei.  The truth was that he thought things might be better if Tomoya was there instead.  Soon, the fight is broken up by both Nagisa and Mei, who go crying to their significant others.

The next day, Sunohara and Tomoya are bandaged up and can’t help but laugh, prompting some strange faces from all of the girls.  With everything patched up, Mei goes home but continues to write letters to her brother, who is now seriously thinking about what he’ll do when he graduates.  First, though, he decides to ask Akio for permission to date Sanae.  As he finds out Sanae is actually Nagisa’s mother, Sunohara is chased away by a suddenly very angry Akio…


  • Quite the rollercoaster.  However, it was very predictable.  Soccer club people were jackasses, Mei cries, Sunohara shows up out of nowhere to save his sister, and the world is better after Tomoya and Sunohara beat each other senseless.  It is kind of a nice touch to have them in the same condition as when they first met, though.  I like Clannad for having episode names that actually deal with what’s going on in the episode.
  • Yes, Mei and Sunohara are brother and sister, but I’m happy that it’s not like Yukine’s “MY BROTHER IS MY BESTEST FRIEND EVER”.  It’s good to see the friendly interaction between Tomoya and Sunohara again, as this series is in desperate need of comic relief after all that.  I am sort of surprised how accepting the three girls were of Tomoya x Mei, though.  I guess they’re quite open minded 😛
  • Poor Sunohara.  Tomoya took the joke of Sanae being Nagisa’s sister a bit too far.
  • Do want Misae!


Next episode, a new arc!  Misae is ❤


One Response to Clannad ~After Story~ Ep. 4: With a Smile Like That Day’s

  1. tai says:

    Very predictable, until Tomoya and Youhei start beating each other up. ❤
    Now i want some of Yukine too…

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