To Aru Majutsu no Index Ep. 3: Necessarius

Slow episode is slooooow.  It took the entire thing to get Kaori to appear, and the battle between her and Touma hasn’t even started yet.  It feels like the series is trying to build up some momentum so that there can be some really good action later on, but I have a sinking feeling that they’re letting too much build up get in the way of actual progress.  To me, focusing an entire episode on a single event (that really isn’t THAT big, right?) is just an irresponsible use of time and budget.


Before she can be healed, Index has to ‘sync’ herself to the current Japan Time.  Komoe gives her a very accurate reading, as she can set her biological clock by modifying her sleeping times and eating habits (against Index’s calculations, she’s .0032 seconds off).  Satisfied, Index moves to the table to begin the healing ritual.

Index inscribes a rune onto the table to create a microcosm of the room.  She asks Komoe for her help, and together they start singing, forging a link between the room and the table.  Soon after, Index asks Komoe to envision a cute golden angel.  After one near failure, Komoe succeeds and summons a beautiful golden angel on top of the table.

As the golem representing Index fades away to nothing, the wounds disappear from Index’s back.  As the golden angel retreats, the programming hidden inside Index closes the used grimoire and returns Index to her normal self.  She promises Komoe that she will be fine and just needs some rest.  Komoe is surprised, as it becomes clear that Index was thinking about Touma more than her own well being.

The next day Touma returns to find Index in his teacher’s pajamas, albeit them being a bit small in certain areas.  Komoe acts very teacherly and tries to get Touma to tell her what’s going on.  However, she eventually gives up and goes off to buy stuff for breakfast, where she willingly or unwillingly forgets what had happened before.  Outside, Kaori and Stiyl look on, with Stiyl noticing that Index seems truly happen for the first time in a long while.

Index, still in Komoe’s room, cries that she couldn’t tell Touma for fear of him hating her and not believing her story.  After all, her story seems so incredulous that it all seems quite fabricated.  Touma reassures her that he would’ve listened, and asks the girl to have more faith in him.  This is the guy with a magic nullifying right arm, anyway.

That evening, Touma and Index are off to the public bath.  Index has never been there before, and doesn’t even remember the ones back in England because her memories keep getting wiped without her knowing it.  Touma is slightly upset at it but tries to hide it anyway, causing Index to bite him and run away.  Touma walks on alone when a rune removes every other human from the area.  Kaori makes her entrance onto the  battlefield.


  • I think I’ve already expressed enough of my displeasure at the pacing of this.  I yawned so many times as Index tried to heal herself, it’s not even funny.  Sure it’s quite nice to show off her capabilities, but it shouldn’t take 10 minutes to go through a healing ritual.  It’d be worthwhile if we learned more about Index or Komoe, but we don’t.  Index, when her life is threatened, goes into security mode where she can access the volumes of magic she has stored in that head of hers, and Komoe has a half-decent singing voice, but can’t do much else.
  • Index’s biting attacks on Touma are just…gross.  Wonder who thought that one up.
  • The previews from episode 2 lied, Kaori barely makes her appearance here.  I expect the next episode to be a good battle sequence to make up for this one.  Maybe that’s how they intend us to watch this – two episodes at a time.  It sure makes more sense in my ehad to do something like that.
  • I realize there isn’t much to say about this episode because NOT THAT MUCH HAPPENED.


If they spend all episode going over Index’s “Perfect Memorization Ability”, I’m going to ragequit.


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