Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae Ep. 3: Rotten Fruit

I’ve gotten used to the OP; it’s not that bad, really.  People just make too much of a fuss about it not being SNoW and everything.  Anyway, episode three continues with a new “bad guy of the week”, and again highlights some of the sheer pettiness humans can have.  What goes around comes around is the message, I guess.  This is only a 13 episode season, though, so I hope I get some of my plot development with Yuzuki soon.  Oh, and this week’s torture was a mixed bag of reactions.  It’s premise is amusing, but it’s as if they ran low on cash and had to abuse still shots.  Bleh.


At the school, the Jigoku Tsuushin team look on as Yuzuki stands alone.  Poor girl doesn’t seem to have many friends at school; Yuzuki, on the other hand, is preoccupied with her reflection in the puddle of water, where she sees Enma Ai’s visage staring back at her.

On their way through town, Yuzuki and Akie come across a big gathering: it’s a film starring Moriyama Jun, a popular idol.  They continue along after the filming is done to find a fan “revealing himself” to Jun in an alley.  Yuzuki and Akie call for help, saving Jun from much embarassment.  Jun decides to take the two girls out to dinner as her way of saying thanks.  Before the dinner, however, Momota Masako gives them a package for Jun and makes sure they say it’s from her.

At dinner, Akie and Yuzuki are excited to eat with someone like Jun, and Jun is likewise eager to talk to girls closer to her age.  Because of her work, Jun doesn’t get to make a lot of friends.  After giving some signatures, Yuzuki remembers her package and gives it to Jun’s manager.  However, everybody goes wide-eyed at the name of Momota Masako, and the package’s contents – dirty pictures of a much younger Jun – spill out onto the floor.  Brushing it aside as a joke, they continue with their dinner, and soon enough it’s time for Akie and Yuzuki to go home.

Outside, Masako talks to the two girls of her past experiences with Jun, and how she was actually a terrible little brat.  It’s because of her that Masako gave up her career of being a model / idol, and all she wants now is an apology from Jun for her past mistakes.  The trio go to an unused parking lot, where Jun arrives and kneels before Masako, asking for forgiveness.  Masako does an about face, however, suddenly asking for Jun’s help to get into her agency.  She refuses Masako’s request however, as Masako does not have the training or practice required to really make it in the industry.  Besides, Yuzuki and Akie have realized that Masako does not have a very good singing voice.

Angrily, Masako accesses the Jigoku Tsuushin and types in Moriyama Jun’s name.  The next day, Jun’s manager approaches her, trying to buy off her information with a good 300,000 yen.  It’s revealed later that Masako agrees, as Jun’s agent and manager have copies of the dirty pictures now.  Everybody goes to the concert hall to see Jun, not knowing it would be her final performance.

In her break, Jun laments to her fans that she was a terrible person in the past, but can look forward because of her fan’s support.  Before she can get into her next song, however, Masako, who was in the crowd, pulls the red string, sending her to Hell.  Enma gives Jun a final concert in Hell before ferrying her away under the gates.  As she walks away, many of Jun’s fans come together to try and support their lost idol, who had disappeared before their eyes.


  • Where’s my continuity?  It’s nice that Yuzuki is around in every episode so far, but that’s just because she’s Enma Ai’s ‘vessel’.  She has yet to make any significant contributions to the series.  I’m patiently waiting for that moment, but for a 13-episode season, I hope it’s sooner rather than later.  Right now, it’s as if Ai never died in Futakomori – she just keeps sending people to hell without issue.
  • Now that I think about it, Ai is closer to her self in season 1 than in Futakomori.  At least with the second season, she began to open her heart again, eventually going so far as to turn a boat around and defy her masters.  So far, though, it’s as if she was reborn the heartless girl who simply does her duty and worries about nothing else.  I’m kind of surprised about this, but maybe it makes sense.  The ‘Ai’ as we knew in Futakomori is dead, sent to suffer in Hell for all eternity.  Who’s this, then, a fragment of her soul?  After all, the entire Jigoku Tsuushin team is still just as lost as the viewers are.
  • Oh the simple pettiness of human souls.  Masako annoys me to no end because of how easily she gave up on her dreams.  Again, this series has an irrational hatred being solved by cursing people to Hell.  Kind of sad really, because again I can think of multiple, more logical paths to take instead of this.
  • Maybe it’s because I’ve seen much, much worse, but I don’t see what’s so bad about those pictures Masako was holding above Jun’s head.  If anything, they’d go into a gravure magazine or something.  Everything is so blown out of proportion it becomes unbelievable.
  • Torture scene could have been something amazingly good.  I half expected Ai to start singing something, but then it came to a standstill, and then simple zooms in and out of still shots were used.  What happened, had only 20 bucks left for the last five minutes?  Kind of a let down, really.  However, I am amused with the glowsticks in the river of Hell.  Ravers have a dark future ahead of them, obviously.


If there’s yaoi in this I’m revolting.


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