Rosario + Vampire Capu2 Ep. 3: Mother + Daughter + Vampire

Hahaha, oh wow.  This has always been one of the most fan-servicey shows I’ve ever seen, but this episode really takes the cake.

That’s not exactly a good thing, by the way.  Just when I said the series was redeeming itself a little bit, it goes right back to being rubbish.  Oh well, at least I had a good laugh before facepalming for the rest of the episode.


It’s time for Youkai Academy’s school fair!  Tsukune doesn’t have anybody coming to visit, much to Moka’s dismay.  In fact, both of them don’t have anybody coming to visit (with exception of Kokoa, who is still annoyed with pink-haired Moka).  While Moka takes a bit of Tsukune’s blood, Mizore appears out of nowhere in typical stalker fashion.  She wants to introduce her mom, Tsurara, to Tsukune.  Like mother, like daughter.  Similarly, Kurumu shows Ageha, her mother, to Tsukune.  Both moms think that their daughter is together with Tsukune, leaving Moka in a weird strange position.

Apparently the two have quite a feud going between them.  As they go through the day, they vie with each other, pushing to get out of class first, get closer to the board, laughing at the other’s daughter as they fail in class, etc.  It’s all a big game to them as both press their daughters to hurry up and claim Tsukune as their own.  Kurumu is prodded into some dirty positions with Tsukune, and Mizore makes judicious use of her powers, etc.  Thankfully Yukari is arround to throw wash bins on top of them.  During music, the two sing songs for the class, resulting in frozen bodies or the class being moved to tears, as…well, Bach and Beethoven look on in utter shame.  The group all retire to lunch.

At lunch, the two mothers finally snap and blow a hole in the cafeteria.  It’s revealed that they were classmates at Youkai Academy years ago, with a crush on the same person (but neither got him).  As they go to war with their…ahem…special weapons, Moka’s vampire power is released.  Tsukune tries to get everybody to calm down, but Moka kicks him into the feuding parents, leading to a rather unorthodox end to the fight.  As it’s revealed that Kurumu and Mizore want to do things their own way, their mothers finally leave things alone.  It’s also found that the guy they both liked is now a fat businessman, leading to some amusing fainting going on before the festival’s end.


  • Anime-original spin on the manga chapter with the Youkai School Festival.  Personally, I actually thought the festival arc in the manga was handled half-decently.  So it begs the question: why the hell did they change it for the anime?  This was so bad it almost hurt; the only way I got through it was the utter hilarity that was Ageha.  But the ending is much more open ended than the manga, with all three girls in no superior position.  The manga clearly left Tsukune with Moka, as there were ice golems standing in for him with both parties.  But noooo, they just cut out a huge piece of the school festival in favor of “for the lulz” parent fights.
  • While Ageha was funny, this whole feud thing is just stupid.  It also takes away from Tsurara’s character.  While it was done probably for comedic elements, how will they make it up later on?  It seems to me that they suddenly stopped caring about where the manga was, and wanted to make things up on their own.  Which is a shame, because the manga actually gets decent with the Snow Women arc.
  • With that said, I wonder if we’re going to see this season get up to where the manga is right now.  First thing they’d need to do is make Tsukune from a useless male lead into a badass they way he is in the manga.  Somehow, though, I doubt even that’s going to happen.  After all, the more development time on Tsukune, the less time to show girls, and we all watch this series for the girls….yeah…
  • I nearly fell to the floor with Ageha’s OPPAI BIIMU.  This series just took a serious downturn.  It’s always been ecchi and things, but this is ridiculous.  It’s like watching softcore videos.  I’m amazed that the Japanese think censoring pantsu will make everything go away.  That’s ridiculous, ENTIRE SEQUENCES OF THIS EPISODE SHOULD HAVE BEEN CENSORED.  Yet, all we have are censored pantsu.  It completely blows my mind.
  • J.S. Bach and Ludwig van Beethoven are spinning faster than Spinzaku in their graves right now.


Uhhh…’Body Measurement + Vampire’.  I wonder how much farther this series can really take things?  Seriously.


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