To Aru Majutsu no Index Ep. 2: Innocentius

I’m interested in this series quite a bit.  It’s a good mix of action, magic, with only a small emphasis on some fan-service.  To me, that’s a recipe for a pretty good show.  It also helps to have a male lead who isn’t a total wuss.  However, I am a little bit concerned about the pacing of the series; if this keeps up, we could be in this for a long, long time.


Index is beat up, Touma is confused, and a sorcerer appears out of nowhere to claim Index before her forbidden library “falls into the wrong hands”.  The sorcerer introduces himself as Stiyl Magnus, or Fortis931; his use of a mage name is akin to an assassin’s promise, as he is prepared to burn Toma to ashes to protect Index’s knowledge.

Stiyl opens up with a basic fireball spell that seems to engulf Toma in flames; what Stiyl doesn’t know is Touma’s ability to cancel magic with his right arm.  Still keeping an air of superiority, Stiyl summons Innocentius, a humongous fire golem capable of wielding a cross-looking flame sword.  Toma can guard against Innocentius, but for some reason, the golem is never dispersed.

Index speaks as if she were a drone, but informs Touma that Innocentius will never be dispersed as long as the runic marks around the area are not removed.  Stiyl shuts her up, but not before Touma falls back to consider his situation.  The entire dorm is plastered in runes, so it’s clear the only way he can escape the fire is to get out of the dorm.  Unfortunately for him, he gets the expressway down after getting thrown off the building, landing (unharmed, of course) amongst the parked bikes.

Outside the dorm building, Touma tries calling the cops but forgets his cell phone is broken.  As he tries to run away, though, he is reminded of Index as she asked him to come with her to the depths of Hell.  Touma never agrees to this, but does talk himself into trying to pull Index out of the Hell she’s in.  After triggering the fire alarm, Touma negates the magic runes throughout the dorm (pen + water is not very good, right?) and dispatches Innocentius easily.  Stiyl, with nothing left in his arsenal, gets punched to the ground, allowing Touma to escape with Index.

Moments later, Mikoto is seen in front of the dormitory, and her kouhai Kuroko finds her.  As a member of ‘Judgment’, Kuroko has come to look at what has happened, since the rumor mill is churning out theories on who did it.  So far, the prevalent one is magic, and Judgment is in it to find out exactly why there is a mage in the area.

Touma takes Index away from the dorm, where she tells him there isn’t anything he can do.  There is a difference between psychic and magic users, and with his magic he’d remove all recovery spells he ever tries to cast.  Touma turns to the one person he knows who is not a psychic: Tsukuyomi-sensei.  After barging in on her disheveled room, Touma leaves Index in her care, per Index’s explanation that his mere presence ruins recovery magic.


  • Stiyl’s mage abilities and ‘Innocentius’ suddenly reminded me of Shakugan no Shana.  The flame effects were quite well done too.  I’m still amazed that a high level mage like Stiyl, though, would not think about what would happen to his runes if they got water on them.  Kind of a weak point plot-wise, but oh well.
  • This entire episode was pretty much devoted to a single fight.  While I like the battle and all, to me it seemed to drag out a little bit.  I’m hoping that this will pick up in future episodes.  I’m all for a whole bunch of action, but keep the pace up, or it becomes boring all the same.  I guess it’s possible that this pacing is just to introduce the characters, though.  I’ll give a good 3 or 4 more episodes before I really start complaining.
  • Speaking of which, at least the battle’s done in one episode, not over like…30.  *cough* Bleach *cough*
  • Index is kind of creepy when she’s in “computerized” mode.
  • Tsukuyomi-sensei should no longer a loli in anybody’s minds.  Seriously, a room full of beer and cigarettes should completely kill ANY inclination towards that.  Oh, and that opening shot of her room was absolutely golden.  “This may be a bad time, but…you don’t happen to hate smoking girls, do you?”  Oh goodness.
  • I love it when the male lead has the ability to fight.  In my mind, there are far too few shows where the main male lead is actually capable of doing something (notable characters in recent memory would be Lelouch, Lawrence, etc.) , so it’s really nice to see one take a stand and be successful in doing so.
  • It’s a tough call to determine whether I like this more than Tales of the Abyss or not.  To me, they’re equally good and together with Kannagi make the top three shows for me to watch this season.  I just hope that things don’t flame out before everything’s said and done (Macross producers I’m looking at YOU).


‘Necessarius’.  Seriously, there’s a LOT of terminology being thrown around here, it’s insane.


2 Responses to To Aru Majutsu no Index Ep. 2: Innocentius

  1. genesic says:

    I was disappointed by ep 2, to be honest. It seems like the writers can’t decide how they want Touma’s power to work. If his presence is enough to disrupt magic, why wasn’t there any effect on the fire dude’s magic? Why didn’t Index’s hood shred when Touma was holding it in his right hand? If it’s really just his right hand that breaks magic things, then how did Touma manage to escape when fire dude fired a spell at his back and still block the giant flame summon’s attack? It’s like the writers said “Well, we can’t figure out a logical way for him to get out, so we’ll just cut to him magically (lol) having escaped to a lower floor without a scratch.” That REALLY bugged me. It’s got some promise, but I get very annoyed when a series can’t follow its own internal logic.

    On another note, isn’t the mage society’s logic…completely right? If magic is something that can be used by anybody (who doesn’t already have a psychic power), and Index can recall any spell out of the however many thousands of books she’s seen, then she’s extremely dangerous! Yeah, it sucks that she needs to basically be held prisoner, but the threat she poses to the entire world more than justifies it. It’s not like the mages are trying to capture her out of spite or only trying to keep magic out of the ordinary population’s hands (though I’m sure that’s a part of it). This is a legitimate danger. And Touma opposes it because…Index is cute? Great.

  2. phelan says:

    It hasn’t been made very clear yet, but Index normally cannot use the magic she has stored in that brain of hers. It’s when she gets into her security mode that she turns insane and casts high level spells. However, it explains why Touma is trying to protect Index.

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