Tales of the Abyss Ep. 3: Oracle Knight’s Attack

Episode 3 continues the story at a pretty good clip.  While we were introduced to Anise and Jade earlier, we’re leaving Anise’s combat capabilities for a later introduction.  However, we do see Jade the Necromancer in action, at least for a little while, the sudden appearance of one of my favorite characters, and a bit of a cliffhanger ending.  So far, so good.


Jade charges Tear and Luke with illegally entering the Malkuth Empire, since they used hyperresonance to shoot themselves halfway across the world.  Luke ends up introducing himself as Luke fon Fable, the same child the Malkuth military tried to kidnap years ago; Jade doesn’t quite remember any operation like that, however.

Regardless, Anise and Jade are on a peacekeeping mission to Kimlasca, as the peace treaty that has been in place for 15 years is starting to fade away from memory.  Jade and Anise are sent to give a peace letter to Kimlasca superiors, and ask Luke to help them out.  Spoiled brat that he is, Luke agrees; he just has to talk to the duke, anyway.

Luke laments ever going into the Cheagle Forest, but Mieu points out they would’ve never met if not for his decision.  Of course, Luke isn’t too thrilled about that either; Anise later shows up, wanting to show Luke the Tartarus.  However, an air force of gryphons shows up carrying a God-General and ligers, attacking the Tartarus.  The ligers make short work of Malkuth soldiers, and Largo, the Black Lion, faces off with Jade the Necromancer.

Jade can’t make a move because Largo’s scythe is around Luke’s neck; Largo proceeds to rob him of fonic artes.  However, Large leaves his back exposed to Tear, who places him in a hold until Jade runs him through.  Luke, again being the battle novice, freaks out at the sight of blood, but gets a hold of himself in a bit.  The three go off to look for Anise and Ion.  They don’t know it yet, but Anise has been flung off the ship, and Ion has been captured.

Tear and Jade continue into the Tartarus to look for Ion, leaving Luke to guard the rear.  A lone Oracle Knight attacks Luke, and in fear Luke runs him through with his sword.  This wreaks havoc on the newbie’s mindset, and he breaks down mid-battle.  Asch and Ligretta show up, the latter thankfully stopping the former’s orders to brutally murder everybody not named Ion.  The party finds themselves in a cell on board their own ship.

Luke is not happy about having killed someone, and wonders how Tear and Jade can do the same.  It’s clear he’s just a burden on the party, so Tear asks him to stay back while they operate.  Jade breaks out of the cell fairly easily, and implements “Corpse Hunt”, effectively shutting down the Tartarus and trapping a whole bunch of Oracle Knights.  The team heads for the port hatch, which is the only operational door during emergency shutdown.  They plan to ambush Legretta as she returns with Ion, who was busy using fonic artes on a door somewhere elsewhere.

The ambush works out well in the first place until Arietta, with her pet liger, ruins things.  However, Luke’s party gets a welcome reinforcement in Guy, whose blade distracts Legretta enough for Jade to get behind Arietta and force the Oracle Knights back into the Tartarus.  After sealing the door the party runs for the hills, but has to take a break because of Ion’s frailty.

Guy meets the team except for Tear due to his pathological fear of women.  Not far behind, though, are the Oracle Knights, who come down on the party.  Luke again finds himself unable to draw his sword on other humans, and Tear jumps to his defense.  While Luke survives, Tear is badly wounded and lies on the ground bleeding.


  • Anise is such a fun character, I can’t wait to see more of her.  Jade is also amusing in his own right.  However, having Guy appear again makes this episode all worth its while.  This episode really was for the fighting, however; there was very little plot advancement, except for a little detail about why Jade, Anise, and Ion were going to Kimlasca in the first place.
  • Luke is useless, and will continue to be useless “until he cuts his hair”.  Look at the OP again if you don’t believe me.  So much for “damsel-in-distress”.  When was the last time you heard “prince-in-distress”?  It all goes towards the audience’s annoyance with Luke as he stands right now.
  • The end scene is supposed to be dramatic and everything, but they animate it like it’s a cut on her arm.  Not a deep one either, from the looks of it.  How she’d be on the verge of death with a little slash, I have no idea.  Probably could’ve done that scene a little better.
  • Four of the six God-Generals in one spot, for one operation?  I guess Mohs really does care about the success of it.  Oh, I forgot to mention in the summary, but Mohs is another group in the Lorelei Order that opposes Grand Master Ion, and seeks to have the war actually happen.  It’s the whole reason behind why he needs to recapture Ion.
  • We see three of the God-Generals’ faces.  One looks oddly familiar.  Hehe.
  • Animation is as fluid as always, even with all of the action sequences going on.  No good Tear expression this episode, but that’s okay, Anise is right there to pick up her slack.


Giant teddies = More action, more fun!


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