ToraDora! Ep. 2: Ryuuji and Taiga

ToraDora! is still a question mark in my head.  On one hand, it’s quite different from other tsundere anime, and that makes it unique.  Taiga is one of the better characters to be voiced by Kugimiya Rie, and it’s much more gratifying to hear a wider range in her voice than when she voices Shana or Louise.  For all the enjoyable moments in Episode 1, however, this one seems to take a step back.  It’s still enjoyable, but I didn’t like it nearly as much as I liked Kannagi.


Taiga has wasted no time in coming over to Ryuuji’s house to leech breakfast off of them…and she even eats more than one person’s amount.  Of course it’s all Ryuuji’s fault – he agreed to this kind of treatment in the first place, and even ends up preparing their bentos.

On their way to school, they run into Minorin.  Not-so-subtly, Taiga informs Ryuuji that he needs to help her get together with Kitamura before she even bothers trying to arrange him with Minori.  Ryuuji, man that he is, eagerly steps up to the challenge.

PE is basketball, and Taiga and Ryuuji have developed a plan.  While the two pair up, Kitamura will partner with someone else.  Ryuuji tosses the ball and hits Kitamura’s partner, then takes them to the infirmary, leaving Kitamura and Taiga as partners.  It all works wonderfully except Ryuuji doesn’t really want to throw a basketball at a defenseless girl.  Taiga spaces out and ends up getting whacked in the face.

In Home Ec, Taiga is baking some cookies, but is an absolute klutz when it comes to doing things by herself.  Ryuuji gets her ready to give some cookies to Kitamura, but he’s already left the class.  Taiga goes chasing after him but ends up slipping on the stairs, throwing the cookies out the window in the process.  Thankfully Ryuuji is there to catch her, and even eats all the broken and salty cookies Taiga made.

Of course, the rest of the class misunderstands their relationship, and Minori and Kitamura look on.  Taiga realizes she’s been clinging too close to her partner, takes out her anger on an unfortunate lightpole, and promises the next day the two would be simply classmates.  Taiga goes so far as to terrorize the classroom not only to show nothing is between them, but that Ryuuji isn’t as bad as he looks.  Minori apologizes for her misunderstanding, but Ryuuji goes off looking for Taiga.

Outside, Ryuuji overhears Taiga stumble all over herself in her confession.  Kitamura asks her about Ryuuji, and she honestly responds that she doesn’t hate him.  After that, Kitamura friendzones Taiga, and Ryuuji returns to her side.  Finally calling her “Taiga”, he promises to stand next to her as long as she needs him, which may or may not be a good thing in the long run.


Bullet form because I’m tired, it’s 2 AM, and I’m unfocused…haha.

  • Kitamura has yet to show me anything that makes him anything other than a secondary character.  At least Minori has a character now (airhead, weird, insane, SOMETHING).  I know that he’s there to create the whole issue of relationship problems, but can’t we get something about this guy other than the average student who works hard in the student council?
  • Not your typical tsundere, is she?  Taiga shows much more compassion than previous tsundere incarnations, and it’s really nice to see the juxtaposition of it all.
  • Ryuuji has way too big of a heart for his own good.
  • Plot holes go where?  This entire episode seems forced and rushed to me, especially in comparison to the manga (this took up like 5-6 chapters, didn’t it?).  I assume it’s because ToraDora! is on a 12 episode season, and there’s a lot of stuff to cover.  However, I would’ve enjoyed a little slower pacing, and maybe some time to really kick back and laugh at Taiga’s sheer klutziness.
  • This is not my favorite show of the season, but it ranks favorably in comparison to things I’ve watched before.  I just hope it doesn’t degrade into a typical tsundere anime from here on out (think Zero no Tsukaima after first season.  Ugh.)


Further proof that Minori is not only airheaded, but is simply insane.  Maybe.


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  1. koanslinger says:

    Your analyses are SPOT-ON. Thanks for the review!

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