Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka Ep. 2: Rose Madder Colored Approach

Well…after the first episode standing out so much, episode two goes through some run of the mill situations.  I’m not knocking it that hard, as it’s still a decent episode.  However, this series lost some of its appeal on me, and I’m still completely in the dark on why there are action sequences randomly placed in the episode.  I’m now debating whether I want to continue with this or not.  I hope that the next few episodes aren’t nearly as contrived and boring as this one was if I do keep going though.


Nobody’s particularly happy with the arrangements for Yuuhi and Junichi, least of all Yuuhi.  However, the Katagiri family has ordained that she marry Junichi, and she’s supposed to use the time to figure out what he’s like and all.  It might have been helpful if Junichi didn’t jump the gun, but she did have feelings for him already anyway.  Regardless, Yuuhi leaves to take a shower, and the three try to figure out what to do for sleeping arrangements.  Leaving discussions for the next day, Yuuhi falls asleep…sitting on the couch.

Next day comes, and Yuuhi doesn’t look very rested.  Junichi picks a fight with her until Minato shuts both of them up.  At school, Junichi gets some ribbing about whether he’s made up with Yuuhi yet, while Karen tries her best to get on Yuuhi’s good side.  Unfortunately, nothing is really working.  Junichi is left on a small island by himself, and Yuuhi doesn’t have the energy to respond properly to anybody else.

When school ends, Minato starts her walk home and runs into Yuuhi, who clearly has no idea where she’s going.  Both of them go home, but stop at the supermarket along the way.  It becomes immediately evident that Yuuhi has absolutely no idea how to live a ‘normal’ life, as she’s never been to a supermarket, never had curry made from cubes with rice, and doesn’t know about discounts and coupons.  At least Yuuhi takes a small moment to apologize for suddenly barging in on Junichi and Minato’s house like she did.  Back at home, Yuuhi goes into a ‘kitchen’ for the first time in her life, and makes a mess of things.  Dinner finishes at…11:30 PM, leaving Junichi confused why it took so long to make some simple curry.

Yuuhi’s a bit apprehensive because it’s her first time cooking, but Junichi says it’s pretty good.  They eat the entire portion of curry, but before cleaning the circuit breaker’s tripped.  Confusion ensues, resulting in Yuuhi pinned under Junichi, and his hand on her breasts.  Yuuhi puts him into an armlock with some advice from Minato, but his hand gets close to her cleavage again.  Junichi is knocked out with a pan and isn’t heard from until the next morning.

Meanwhile, somewhere else in the world, Junichi and Minato’s dad is on a runaway train, and makes his escape onto a helicopter piloted by their mother.  What they were doing there is anybody’s guess at this moment.

Yuuhi decides to sleep with Minato, and Yuuhi again apologizes for her being somewhat ‘trigger-happy’.  She’s also impressed that an idiot like Junichi has such an amazing younger sister.  Minato explains how Junichi has always been alone because their parents have somewhat strange occupations; the only memento Minato has of her entire family is a single picture.  Yuuhi makes a joke about Junichi not even being her brother before passing out, giving Minato a troubled face.  However, the next day comes without much trouble, except for Yuuhi, who is clearly not a morning person, and snuggles on the floor to catch a few more minutes of sleep.


  • Went from ground-breaking (sort of) to pretty blasé in a single episode.  Typical high-society aristocrat girl gets her lesson in real life by…well, going to the supermarket.  It’s cute how she tries, but it’s been done so many times before, and I’ve grown tired of it.
  • What is up with these action sequences?  I would like an explanation or a tie in already.  I know from Minato’s little shpiel that their parents are always away doing some random adventure, but couldn’t they just leave it alone?  Why would you animate something so grossly out of place?
  • Every harem anime needs a girl that swings a different way.  Ayanokouji Karen, however, makes it look stupidly awkward, and I have to wonder why-oh-why did they have to keep her.  Unless she plays a big part later on, her mere presence is useless.
  • Junichi comes across as a perverted wuss in this episode, far different than his “Geno Killer” days.  Basically, it’s as if he was shoved back into the “harem male lead” mold and spat out to conform to normal harem anime conventions.
  • Remember how I talked about Yuuhi not being a typical tsundere?  I was dead wrong.  She oozes the same personality as Shana (not as bad as Louise though).  On a slightly related note: why does Minato know so much about a crossarm lock?  Does Japan get WWF or something?

I don’t know if I’ll keep this one anymore.  It’s valuable time that’s keeping me away from my Tales of the Abyss 😛


I can’t even guess what’s coming up next.  Really, this show is that weird to me right now.


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