Shikabane Hime Aka Ep. 1: Death’s Dance

From the promo and images I’ve seen floating around the ‘Net, this looked like a pretty run of the mill action series, but I looked at it anyway.  To me, though, this is like Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpouchou in a wide variety of aspects.  There’s the fight sequences, a series of magical / mystical villains that get put down by a set of heroes that really don’t seem like the hero type, etc.  Makina shows a substantially more amount of badassery than those in Tokyo Majin, but as much as I might like a schoolgirl dual-wielding some MAC-10s, I don’t think this is worth my time, as I’m pretty much swamped with a good half dozen other shows.  Pictures after the break.  (No idea why the playtime is showing…stupid MPC.)

Quick Impressions:

I’m really not a fan of Gainax for this one.  The colors are abusively dark, and when there is contrast, it’s so unbelievably washed out it actually hurts to watch.  I know that it all adds to a “dark ambience”, but this is ridiculous.  I also feel nothing for any of the characters.  Makina is obviously the main attraction here, and her duel wielding MAC-10s certainly plays up the “badass” part of her personality.  However, there isn’t much else going for her yet.  I mean, she’s a CORPSE.  The entire premise of this is that she needs to kill a number of other corpses before she can enter heaven.  To me, it all seems a little weak.

If I do end up watching this, it would be out of the archives, when some future season has absolutely nothing worth looking at.  Until then, though, this one’s dead in the water.


I have NO idea what this is, and I’m not inclined to figure it out.


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