Rosario + Vampire Capu2 Ep. 1: Reunion + Vampire

There really isn’t much to say about this one, except for one word.


Now with THAT out of the way, I will say that I somehow made it through the first season out of amusement and because I read the manga.  The latest R+V II manga chapters have actually been readable…that is, it tries to have semblance of a plot line.  So I picked this up on a whim just to see what it would be like.  Since it’s one of two shows I’m watching on Wednesdays, it’s possible I’ll keep it too.  However, I wouldn’t bet that I would.

Also, LOL at censored raws.


Tsukune Aono can see himself making moves on his girlfriend, Moka Akashiya.  However, her alter ego won’t allow such frivolities and kicks some sense into him, or so Tsukune thinks.  Tsukune awakens in the human world to find himself late for school.  His mother asks him to return for summer vacation, and on his way out, he exchanges very brief words with Kyouko, his cousin.  After meeting the mysterious bus driver once more, he makes his way back to Youkai Academy.  Walking in, he overhears who he thinks is Moka, but it’s a short red-haired girl who likes the smell of his blood (hint hint) but is annoyed at his perverted nature.

Tsukune and his harem are now second year students, and the freshmen are fawning over Kurumu’s…ahem, assets…and Yukari’s overall cuteness.  However, both return to Tsukune’s side (or get in his face) when they see him return.  Mizore joins in the fight to claim Tsukune for themselves until Moka calms things down, and reunites the newspaper club once more.  Unfortunately, the freshmen are all entranced with Moka and carry her inside the building.

Back in school, Nekomimi-sensei has advanced a year and is teaching her old class, where everybody (even Yukari) is assigned to.  As the girls open their lockers, they find tons of letters, including Mizore’s “stalker buddy”, and Moka’s bat-shaped letters claiming “I shall take your life.”  Elsewhere, Gin continues peeping on the new girls, but is greeted rudely with someone’s shoe.  Ruby has also taken a job at the academy, helping out in various matters, like selling snacks.  Moka finds another letter claiming to take her life.  Even though Tsukune escorts her home, she finds a third letter with the same message on Tsukune’s back.  Freaking out, Moka dashes for the dorms.  Moka is in for a sleepless night, as Mizore and an unknown stalker look on.

The next day, a very tired Moka comes holding all the death threats she received when a fight breaks out at the entrance ceremony between the freshmen.  A little girl (the stalker girl, the bloodsucker, whatever) is baiting cyclops and Frankenstein around the hall, despite Nekomimi’s attempts to calm them down.  A great clamor causes Moka to lose balance, and Tsukune accidentally releases her rosario while grabbing her.  The alternate Moka appears and knocks some sense and organization into the entire ceremony.

Later, the new girl reveals herself to the group with the promise of defeating Moka.  This is, of course, none other than Moka’s little half-sister, Kokoa.


First impression?  Oh, I don’t know.  The sheer ecchi-ness of this series is off the scale, and it certainly revels in that fact.  I can actually see this series being somewhat interesting given where the current manga is going, but I doubt it’s going to go that far. That is a bit of a shame, because Mizore is the most intriguing character out of all of the girls in Tsukune’s harem.  I don’t remember the first season very well, but I can’t remember her talking this much.  Also, this is the atypical Kugimiya Rie role.  It makes for a wonderful contrast against Aisaka Taiga, a role she’s famous for (“tsundere”, if you didn’t know already).

This is the series that I really have nothing to say about.  It’s evident that you don’t watch for anything other than the fanservice, so why bother to think deep thoughts when it’s obviously not there?  Just watch it for the pretty…uhm…pictures.  Yes, pictures.


Since the preview is just a bunch of butt-shaking, here’s the OP ED.  Now that I look at it a little, it’s less a dance scene (with exception to the last 10 seconds), and more reminiscent of what dance has become – random shaking of the hips to the music.  <_<;;  I heard the ED, though, it’s much better than this.


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