Macross Frontier Ep. 22: Northern Cross

Somehow the emotional impact just completely dropped off for the first ten minutes of this episode.  We get a little recovery later on, but in my opinion, the emotions were put on backburner for this one.  Rather, what we’re seeing is the stage being set for the final run.  The choices have been made, and for the last two episodes, we’re going to see the consequences.

Sorry for the delay on this, been so busy…I was going to combine this and 23, but this weekend doesn’t look too pretty either.  I have pictures up after the break, and comments tomorrow evening.


Both the President and Grace are surprised that even someone like Brera would defy orders and go traitor with Ranka.  Leon’s day doesn’t get much better; with Frontier in bad condition, it can last for only a few more months at best.

Meanwhile, Luca and Alto are looking at the newly updated VF-17…which still looks pretty much the same as before.  The newbie NUNS pilots prove they can’t do squat against Vajra, so everybody defaults to the new MDE warheads, which are super effective!

Following the weapons test, Alto and Luca look over their new weapons, with Luca lamenting how it couldn’t be perfected sooner.  He also worries about what to tell Nanase when she wakes up about Ranka, but Alto promises to get Ranka back before that happens.  Alto returns to the city, where Sheryl has regained her popularity with a more emotional version of herself.  Klan Klan returns to find Alto, presumably to give him some bad news.

On Quarter, nobody is thrilled with what’s going on.  Things take a turn for the worse when Bobby returns with Cathy and Ozma, who reveal that President Glass was murdered by Leon.  To make matters even more worse, Captain Wilder informs the crew that Richard Bilrer has requested SMS be folded in with NUNS.

Sheryl, meanwhile, has been called to the presidents office, following a discovery Luca makes during Sheryl’s singing.  Apparently, Sheryl’s disease has advanced to the point where she can affect Vajra the same way as Ranka has in the past.  Overwhelmed, Sheryl returns to the Saotome mansion and collapses in front of a waiting Alto.

When she wakes up, Sheryl puts up the tough facade again, but is quickly broken down by Alto, who was informed by Klan Klan of her condition.  Sheryl can’t quit singing because she has nothing left; however, Alto finally tells her that he’ll stand with her until the very end.  Meanwhile, Ranka is off floating in space, still trying to take Ai-kun home.

Wilder puts a call out for all SMS crewmembers, saying that they will not join NUNS.  Instead, Quarter will become a pirate ship!  Over half of the crew return, with notable exceptions being Alto and Luca, who have something to protect on Frontier, as well as Klan.  While Sheryl sings, Alto and Luca are sent with NUNS 4th Squadron to bring Quarter back, but fail miserably.

Meanwhile, Ranka found something that should look eerily familiar, and Grace is very, very pleased with herself…


Eh, it wasn’t exciting or anything, but if anything, this episode was necessary.  Less focus on emotion, more on the fact that people have finally made choices that will impact how this will end.  Yes, Alto’s “confession” was touching and all, but I really don’t think that was the point of this episode.  So?  Let’s quickly look at the three major characters again.

Sheryl – She has “DEAD END” written all over her, but it is finally time to see Sheryl climb out of that shell she’s been in for the past 21 episodes.  Her character, however, is the most mature of the entire series, and I am very grateful for them having such a strong character as a foil for…well, pretty much everybody else.  I think that the “emotional” side of Sheryl is much better, and it pretty much takes care of any argument I had in favor of Ranka against her.  After all, Ranka’s songs were better in the first place because of the emotion she could put in her song.  With Sheryl as she is now, she is far superior to the little green-haired girl.

Ranka – Call her a traitor, but she stumbled on something huge.  It’s kind of sad that Grace is pulling the strings on everything (treasure island??  what?).  Still, you can call it maturation, I suppose.  After all, she did decide to leave all on her own.  She had only…1.5 minutes of airtime, so not much to say there.

Alto – pulled his head out of the ground and made a choice!  Success!

Other than this…I don’t have much to say.  It’s a good episode, but doesn’t have the impact of previous ones, and thus I kinda forget details here and there.  Leave a comment and remind me 😛


Oops, I think we ran out of OP and ED songs to use…guess we have to make up a new episode name now.


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