Macross Frontier: Ranka Lee’s Debut Single, “Seikan Hikou”

CD Cover - Seikan Hikou

To be honest, I grabbed this just for Neko Nikki, which was the cutesy end to Episode 11.  It didn’t turn out all that bad, I guess.

Track list (in Romaji):

  1. Seikan Hikou
  2. Neko Nikki
  3. Ai Oboete Imasuka – Deculture Size
  4. Watashi no Kare wa Pilot – Miss Macross 2059
  5. Seikan Hikou – w/o Ranka
  6. Ai Oboete Imasuka – Deculture Size – w/o Ranka

At least this is easy to write about, since it is a single.  I really care about the first four tracks; I never did like Karaoke enough to like belting out songs on my own with the background music (though I do occasionally sing along with the full track).  Since I’m a bit short on time, I’ll just take a look through each of the songs in order.  No scores this time around, I’m too lazy to think about them right now.
Included Ranka PosterAnd the lyrics?

Seikan Hikou: (“Interstellar Travel”) A typically J-poppy song for a “rising idol” like Ranka, that isn’t that bad at all.  Nakajima’s voice still pulls through very well, and the song itself is upbeat and happy.  I do think that her voice is a bit straining at the high notes, which detracts from the song overall, but it’s still an enjoyable listen.  It also suits Ranka’s character quite well, portraying a sense of wistfulness and innocence about her.

Neko Nikki: (“A Cat’s Diary”) This adorable little song was the ED from 11, and was cute…for a while.  It has a sense of a continuous music box going on and on and on…to be honest, I liked it better short and sweet, like it was in the ED.  Still, it’s kind of pretty, and is very relaxing to listen to.  Nakajima’s voice is as smooth as ever in this track too.

Ai Oboete Imasuka – Deculture Size: (“Do You Remember Love? Deculture Size”) I’m annoyed by how short this is.  We basically get the version Ranka sings in one of the early episodes.  Here’s to hoping that it gets released in full during one of the later (?) albums.

Watashi no Kare wa Pilot – Miss Macross 2059: (“My Boyfriend is a Pilot”) Again, there isn’t a problem with the song.  It’s very well recognized, considering it’s from an old Macross series.  However, this is brutally short yet again, so it’s a short lived happiness.

Overall: I honestly think that only fans of the series would need this disc.  The only two tracks worth getting are the first two, since the two shortened songs are like teasers.  What I do find amusing about the disc, however, is the step by step dance moves in the cover.  Kind of fun in a quirky way, I suppose.

Anyway, I like Neko Nikki enough that I might translate it later on.  Not right now though, I’m busy 😛

EDIT: never mind, here’s a translation for it already.  They’re faster than me ;_;

(Note: images from #nipponsei files)


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