Going, going, gone~

Tomorrow I’m headed out for an extended leave of absence and won’t be back until mid-July. MAYBE I’ll be bored and update this while I’m gone, but don’t count on anything interesting.

While I’m out, however, I’ve decided to try vectoring some walls I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. Recognize them?

Tsukihime OP - AkihaTsukihime OP - Kohaku / HisuiTsukihime OP - Ciel

Amusingly enough, this was supposed to be a set of 3 images, but laying it out like this gives me an idea of making two wallpapers across the Akiha/Kohaku and Hisui/Ciel themes…or maybe one really big dualscreen one!  Oh, how I stumble upon the weirdest things 😀

I really want to finish it off with this one, which is my favorite part of the OP for some odd reason.  It will be incredibly difficult just because of the amount of detail, and I think I might have more luck just redrawing it instead…

Tsukihime OP - group

We’ll see how it goes. I at least managed to put up my rant on Get Smart before I left, too. Until next time!

(oh, and if you still don’t have a clue, it’s Tsukihime)


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